NTNU is a university with international focus and a main profile in science and technology. The headquarter is located in Trondheim in addition to campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik.

Department of Chemical Engineering is one of eight departments at Faculty of Natural Sciences and offers a wide variety of research areas including catalysis, colloid and polymer chemistry, environmental engineering and reactor technology and process systems engineering. Read more here

Contact: Størker Moe – storker.moe@ntnu.no

The Department of Energy and Process Engineering is an international driving force within education and research on the total energy chain from resource to customer, focusing on how to produce energy which can be used by man and machine in a sustainable way, taking into consideration health, climate changes and available resources. The department is one of eight departments at the Faculty of Engineering. Read more here

Contact: Terese Løvås – terese.lovas@ntnu.no

NorBioLab facilities at NTNU:

Autoclave reactor rig.
Autoclave reactor system for catalytic liquefaction of biomass.
Biomass fast pyrolysis with upgrading.
Optical Accessible Compression Ignited Chamber (OACIC).