Semi-pilot pyrolysis unit

Instrument Semi-pilot pyrolysis unit
Location SINTEF Industry
Oslo Science Park, Oslo (map)
Contact Roman, +47 930 03 428
Technical description The unit allows fast, intermediate and slow pyrolysis of dried organic residues. Biomass particles are fed via a screw feeding unit, which itself can be used for slow pyrolysis. Inside the pyrolysis compartment vapours are transported upwards by an inert gas flow. Formed char particles are collected below the pyrolysis section. Gas samples can directly be taken from the pyrolysis section. Pyrolysis vapours are transported to the condensation section via heat-traced lines either to a fixed bed reactor for vapour upgrading and then or directly to a condensation section consisting of glass condensers operated at different temperatures and an electrostatic precipitator.
Technical information
  • Feedstock container 2 L volume, refillable during experiment.
  • Water-cooled screw feeder with feeding rates of 100-300 g/h.
  • Heated screw feeder for Auger-type slow pyrolysis up to 600°C.
  • Oven-heated bubbling and fluidized bed pyrolysis section with char separation by gravity Cyclone for fines separation.
  • Heat-traced lines to condensation train Glass and stainless-steel condensers with temperatures between 80 and -20 °C.
  • Washers for non-condensable gasses.
  • GC for online analysis of non-condensable gasses.
Platforms Sugar platform
Direct liquefaction platform