RapidFire 365 High-throughput MS System

Instrument RapidFire 365 High-throughput Mass Spectrometry System
Location SINTEF Industry
Gløshaugen(NTNU), Trondheim (map)
Contact Kolbjørn Zahlsenkolbjorn.zahlsen@sintef.no, +47 986 93 199
Anders Brunsvikanders.brunsvik@sintef.no, +47 932 87 306
Trude Guldbergtrude.guldberg@sintef.no, +47 928 10 578
Anna Nordborganna.nordborg@sintef.no, +47 930 02 340
Technical description RapidFire High-throughput MS System is a robust, in-line solid phase extraction technology that enables ultrafast, label-free analysis by feeding samples directly into the mass spectrometer. The RapidFire system facilitates the analysis of one 384-well plate in about an hour, and the system can process 63 microplates in one batch. The RapidFire system works with both Q-TOF and MS-QQQ.
Technical information
  • Agilent Technologies G9530A RapidFire 365.
  • Agilent Technologies MS-QQQ (6460-6495).
  • Agilent Technologies Q-TOF.
Platforms Sugar platform
Direct liquefaction platform