Pyrolysis process
development unit

Instrument Pyrolysis process development unit
Location RISE PFI
PFI-building, Trondheim (map)
Contact Kai, +47 952 11 704
Technical description Experimental unit suitable for the following thermochemical processes:

  • Continuous fast pyrolysis
  • Continuous fast pyrolysis with direct catalytic upgrading
  • Catalytic upgrading of vaporized liquids
  • Intermediate pyrolysis and slow pyrolysis/carbonization
Technical information Modular unit capable of working in different configurations. Main sections and capabilities:

  • Fluidized bed reactor for fast pyrolysis
  • Continuous feeding (up to 200 g/h of solid)
  • Fixed bed reactors of different sizes for slow/intermediate pyrolysis (up to 0,5 kg)
  • Fixed bed reactor for catalytic treatment of gases
  • Injection of liquids for catalytic treatment of the vapours
  • Condensation and collection of liquid products
  • Online gas analysis
  • Mass and carbon balances
Platforms Direct liquefaction platform