Pyrolysis GC-MS with micro-Tandem reactors

Instrument Pyrolysis GC-MS with micro-Tandem reactors.
Location RISE PFI
PFI-building, Trondheim (map)
Contact Øyvind, +47 452 14 106
Technical description The Pyrolysis GC-MS with micro-Tandem reactors consist of two independently controlled heated zones called micro-Reactors stacked vertically in tandem and mounted on a bench-top GC/MS. Gas, liquid and solid samples can be analysed. Liquid and solid samples can be pyrolyzed in the first reactor. The pyrolysis products can further be upgraded using a catalyst in second reactor. The system can be used for rapid evaluation of catalysts and pyrolysis conditions.
Technical information
  • 1st µTDR: 40-900°C, 2nd µTDR: 40-900°C.
  • Frontier Tandem -reactor flow Controller 3050TR.
  • Frontier Selected sampler SS-1010E.
  • Frontier Micro Jet Cryo-Trap MJT-1035E.
  • Frontier 7890B GC system
  • Agilent Technologies ALS G4567A
  • Agilent Technologies 7977B MSD
  • Agilent Technologies
Platforms Direct Liquefaction platform