Optical Accessible Compression Ignited Chamber (OACIC)

Instrument Optical Accessible Compression Ignited Chamber (OACIC)
Location Department of Energy and Process Engineering – NTNU
Campus Gløshaugen, Trondheim (map).
Contact Dr. David Embersondavid.r.emberson@ntnu.no, +47 981 52 966
Prof. Terese Løvåsterese.lovas@ntnu.no, +47 91 897 007
Technical description

The OACIC is an optical reciprocating rapid compression machine for studies of combustion in an engine environment and is equipped with windows, enabling line-of-sight optical measurements of the reacting spray under CI engine conditions. The data acquisition, temperature control, tracking of crank position and triggering of injector are all programmed in Labview.

The method used for measuring soot is diffuse back-illuminated extinction imaging (DBIEI) of soot particles. The method is based on the light extinction from particles present in the light path, where the extinction of light is the sum of the light intensity scattered and absorbed by the particles.

The exhaust gas composition is measured using a HORIBA gas analyser for gas species and a Cambustion DMS500 to determine the size and number density of the exhaust particulate matter.

Technical information
  • OACIC geometrical information:
    – Bore: 130 mm
    – Stroke: 140 mm
    – Compression ratio: 16
    – Displaced volume: 1.9L
  • Bosch CR injector
  • Air-driven pump, up to 1500 bar
  • Nozzle, single hole, 0.12 mm diameter
  • Small fuel volume needed for testing
  • Cambustion DMS500 Fast Particle Analyser
  • Combines electrical mobility measurements of particles with sensitive electrometer detectors, allowing generation of particle size / number distributions in real-time.
  • Measurement of the aerosol size spectrum from 5nm to 2.5μm for both solid particles and liquid droplets.
  • The fastest time response available: 10 Hz data, 200ms T10-90% response.
  • HORIBA Mexa-One-RS Analyzers:
    – AIA-171 for CO-H/ CO2
    – IMA-171 for O2
    – CLA-177 with VPU for NO, NOx
    – FIA-175 for THC
Platforms Direct liquefaction platform
Syngas platform