Low/Medium pressure autoclave

Instrument Low/Medium pressure autoclave
Location SINTEF Industry, Forskningsparken Oslo (map)
Contact Roman Tschentscherroman.tschentscher@sintef.no, +47 930 03 428
Technical description An autoclave system for batch/CSTR operation consisting of two autoclaves. Heating/cooling in the range of -20-200 °C is provided by a circulation bath. A number of inlet/outlet ports allow periodic feeding and sampling. Addition of components and high pressure sampling during the experimental runs are available.
Technical information
  • Temperature range between -20 and 200 °C
  • Autoclaves:
           – 400 mL glass autoclave for pressures up to 12 bars
           – 500 mL stainless steel autoclave for pressures up to 60 bars.
  • Options for feeding/sampling at pressure/elevated temperature
  • Various stirrer types with and without gas induction available
  • Catalyst shape options:
           – Pellets using a catalyst basket
           – Slurry particles
           – Homogeneous catalysts
Platforms Sugar platform
Direct liquefaction platform