Instrument GC-MS (QQQ) 2 Instruments


Location SINTEF Industry
Gløshaugen(NTNU), Trondheim (map)


Contact Kolbjørn Zahlsenkolbjorn.zahlsen@sintef.no, +47 986 93 199
Trude Guldbergtrude.guldberg@sintef.no, +47 928 10 578
Anders Brunsvikanders.brunsvik@sintef.no, +47 932 87 306
Technical description Analytical instrument for quantitative and qualitative analysis of liquid-based samples. The system consists of a gas chromatograph and a tandem mass spectrometer. Highly sensitive instrument for polar- and some nonpolar compounds. Extensively used for environmental compounds like PCBs and Dioxins.


Technical information
  • Agilent Technologies GC (7890 series)
  • Agilent Technologies MS/MS (7010 series)
Platforms Biogas platform
Direct liquefaction platform
Syngas platform