Dolly Biogas Reactor from Belach Bioteknik AB

Instrument Dolly Biogas Reactor from Belach Bioteknik AB
Biogas laboratory – Vollebekk forsøksgård, Ås (map)
Contact – Laboratory manager Roald, +47 976 22 305
– Research Scientist Roar, +47 926 03 379
Technical description – Dolly© Benchtop biogas reactor
– Scalable biogas reactor system
– Modular multibioreactor
– The Dolly twin biogas reactor is basically for anaerobic digestion research.
Technical information

The reactor has been developed for liquid-based media with solid matter content up to 10-15%. The biogas laboratory has 6×2 stainless/Duran glass reactors of 10L total volume and 1×2 reactors of 5L total volume. The reactors are operated automatically providing continuous feeding experiments. Different parameters – temperature, pH and stirrer can be set and controlled individually.

The BioPhantom expert biogas control system can handle up to ten reactors ideal for parallel studies.
– Continuous, semi-continuous or batch operation
– Temperature control even for thermophiles
– Automated liquid feeding for unattended operation
– Reliable continuous volumetric gas counter
– Strictly anaerobic manual feeding
– Powerful stirring for inhomogeneous viscous media
– Connections dimensioned to handle large particles

Options for automatic feeding of more heterogenous feedstocks are under development

Platforms Biogas platform