Continuous HTL processing reactor

Instrument Continuous HTL processing reactor
Location SINTEF Energy Research
Gløshaugen(NTNU), Trondheim (map)  
Contact Judit, +47 917 02 404
Technical description The continuous HTL processing reactor is a lab-scale research pilot that is designed to convert bioslurries to HTL products: bio-crude, hydrochar and gas. The reactor is able to operate continuously at state-of-the-art conditions, i.e. up to 500 °C and 350 bar. The reactor is built with a research focus for studying operational issues such as fate of inorganics, corrosion and the effect of depressurization on those. The system has the possibility to include stress loaded corrosion samples for material and weld testing under a real HTL environment. To facilitate this objective, a relatively large compartment was needed to insert the samples, therefore, a CSTR reactor was selected. The processing reactor is equipped with dual piston pumps and a two-stage depressurization system to study the depressurization effect on the product composition and distribution.
Technical information
  • Reactor type: Continuous CSTR reactor
           – internal volume 1000 ml
           – internal diameter 80 mm
           – internal height 200 mm
  • Feed capacity: 0.5-2 L/h
  • Preheat to 500 °C
  • State-of-the-art operating conditions
           – 500 °C
           – 350 bar
  • Dual pump
  • Two stage depressurization
  • Possibility to study corrosion (6 samples/run)
  • According to PED 2014/68/UE – CE certification
Platforms Direct liquefaction platform