Biomass fast pyrolysis with upgrading

Instrument Biomass fast pyrolysis with upgrading
Location Department of chemical Engineering – NTNU
Campus Gløshaugen, Trondheim (map).
Contact Professor De, +47 482 22 428
Technical description The existing fast pyrolysis unit will be upgraded to include a gas circulation system and in-situ gas composition monitoring. A small pyrolysis reactor will also be installed for a fast screening of pyrolysis conditions and catalysts.
Technical information
  • The large fast pyrolysis unit has a capacity of 0.8 kg/hr biomass powder, and 500 ml catalysts up to 20 bars.
  • The small reactor unit will have a capacity of less than 1g/hr biomass powder with semi-continuous feeding system and in-situ GC analysis.
Platforms Direct liquefaction platform