940 Professional IC Vario from Metrohm

Instrument 940 Professional IC Vario from Metrohm
Biogas laboratory – Vollebekk forsøksgård, Ås (map)
Contact – Laboratory manager Roald Aasenroald.aasen@nibio.no, +47 976 22 305
– IC operator Ksenia Gulyaevaksenia.gulyaeva@nibio.no, +47 47 440 219
Technical description Metrohm ion chromatograph, model 940 Professional IC Vario for simultaneous determination of anions and cations. The instrument is equipped with a conductivity detector, sequential anion suppressor and a peristaltic pump for suppressor regeneration. The instrument can be used with any separation and detection method.
Technical information
  • Modular high-performance ion chromatography system
  • Fully automatic sample introduction from the 148 sample changer
  • Parallel working
  • Combination with Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques
  • Professional Liquid Handling and intelligent injection techniques
  • Flexibility in the volume of samples
  • Use of any type and size of sample vessels
  • Completely metal-free sample channel
  • Optional cooling function
  • Sample rack and possibility for rinsing the sample needle can be selected freely
  • Each step is freely programmable with the ion chromatography software MagIC Net for intuitive and simple operation
  • Robust and continuous handling of complete sample series
  • Several possibilities for system configuration
    • Compact dimensions, small footprint
  • For routine analyses and research applications in the ng/L- to %-range
  • Conductivity detector, but a wide range of detection options are possible
  • Sequential CO2 and MSM suppressor for low background conductivity
  • All gradient options
  • Inline eluent preparation integrated in the system
  • Complies with GLP and the FDA regulations
  • Compatible with the unique and partly patented Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques (MISP)
  • Complete automation for high sample throughput
  • At present a method has been implemented for the ions listed below. SO32- will soon be included.
Platforms Biogas platform